New Business Strategies and Redevelopment of  Non Performing Shopping Centers in Italy and Europe


Handing out the Award to the winner Ing. Davide Manzoni (in the center)



We have discussed in a workshop the different concepts of redevelopment of a complex property in Villa Verucchio.
Michael Holler, remarketing director of Aareal Bank, awarded the winner of the European competition of ideas "Thinking the Mall of Villa Verucchio" George David Manzoni who presented the project TT "Territory Talent" with his team, handing him out a check of five thousand euro.
An exhibition was dedicated to the first 5 selected concepts.





Auditorium e1s





The Workshop has aroused great curiosity and interest in the area, among the present personalities there were the previous mayors of Verucchio, Sergio and Giorgio Giovagnoli Pruccoli and current mayor, Stephanie Sabba who, expressed in her precious speech, the fully cooperation to give a future to the "Torri".


This Workshop and Competition of Ideas are great tools for other realities in the region. Giorgio Manzoni was very surprised and expressed that ... (watch the video to find out exactly what he said ...)





Other speakers talked about the experiences in management of shopping centers, Catchment area and how to optimize shopping malls, according to each specific situation tactics and strategies.



Diego Valazza, Manger of Cogestretail






 In front the new mayor of verucchio Stefania Sabba and in the back Stefano Lucidi e Joerg Kowollik






Report of the concepts (click here)
Thanks to the presence of many designers/participants there was created for all, an opportunity of a vis-a-vis discussion.
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Jury and some Speaker (from left ) Romano Ugolini, Vincenzo Lo Scudo,  Stefano Barbieri, Diego Valazza, Giorgio Antonazzo and Joerg Kowollik