We are looking for partners, interim-manager and freelancers, who expect more of their job than just to make money. We are moving with the market and project requirements. So you will, too. You will be part of a project and business result and together our job is to produce best results in a challenging market. In the following areas we need you:

Real Estate professionals

We search Real estate professionals around the lifecycle of Real-estates, from purchase till the exit. Depending on Assets and projects with different experiences on Assets ( Residential, office, hospitility, retail, commercial ) 

Turnaround, Restructuring professsionals

Regarding companies to convert procedures, eleminate blocks and burocracy, focus on the market to become competitive. Regarding Real Estate Assets to improve performance often in a distressed / workout enviroment or conversion projects 

Working in a european enviroment all partners, team members should be fluent in english plus 2 other languages, ready to work and travel with the tasks and project.