Joerg Kowollik

contributes an outstanding knowledge in the Real Estate Industry, NPL workout and management of complex situations in unstructured environments. He has deep experiences in management advisory and in the implementation of large restructuring programs to convert Non-Performing in performing structures.


Stefano Lucidi

has over 20 years experience in managing special situations and a special ability to negotiate in NPL. A real professional, fast moving and in the real estate business not very common a long-hole strategy combined with a bride knowledge not only in the RE business, but concerning different economies, trend in IT and social areas. In project situations he is very fast and always working hard.


Anita Sikora

has experience in several areas. Retail, tourism and "leisure". Able to anticipate the "to be" environment and meet the quest with the right approach, regardless how challenging it is. She is also an enthusiastic colleague, always willing to learn, good team player with excellent networking skills.She, with an international background and living in the region (Emilia Romagna / Rimini) fully meets the needs of this project.




For more information about the project in the Rimini, San-Marino area or for our services in Europe feel free to conact us. 

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